What are IT services and solutions and what is their importance

In this article , we’re going to talk about IT and IT Services. What are they, how do they work and why are they important to you and your business.

What is I, what does it stand for, and what are IT Services?

IT is Information Technology and generally, it refers to the computers inside your business. It’s all the tech stuff. Anything relating to the information and the technology together.

What about on the Hardware side?

A business needs computers to operate generally. So that’s the computer that sits in front of your staff member. They also need a server. The server is where the files and all the software generally sits.

On the server which is normally that one that sits in the cupboard.

And then there might be other things like printers and scanners, and those types of things. That’s all part of the hardware in the IT services.

What about on the software side?

On the software side, that’s where the computer might have Windows on it. That’s your Windows 7, Windows 10 computer. The operating system then has the Office Suite that sits on it which is your Windows, your Word, Excel, and Access Database and things like that.

so all the software that people use kind of day to day, and your browsers, and all that kind of stuff are relating to software side of your bussiness’s IT.

Why are IT Services important to business?

Well, IT Services help businesses to be able to do their core business a lot more efficient than they could without the computers.

So, I think back to the days when we needed a pen and a paper and lots of books to be able to do the task that we need to in business.

Generally, those things don’t – generally, we don’t need to have those things anymore because that sits on a computer somewhere.

We all remember those huge filing cabinets, racks and racks of filing cabinets that you’re trying to track for the business you are doing on paper. And then the excitement when you can get rid of that.

One thing you mentioned was a server that was in a cupboard somewhere.

We understand that even that shifting, you no longer have the server necessarily at your own business.

What’s that about?

Businesses used to have a server that sat in a cupboard somewhere.

But overtime, we have started to use this thing called the cloud, which really just means that businesses can store their data in a data centre somewhere else. So, it doesn’t need to be stored in their office anymore.It can be stored outside the office. So, IT services, hardware and software. They’re critical because every business needs them to run.

A story about the importance of consultation services

We get a lot of unusual stories. I guess one that comes to mind might be, we had a particular business that was right out in the back of regional New South Wales. So their access to good internet and good computers was fairly limited. they didn’t have the NBN

What that business thought was the right thing was to go to their local retailer and buy just as many new computers as they could and then get somebody like us to set them up.

The problem then was that when they bought that many computers, the computers that you buy from a retailer aren’t the same as the computers that you buy from an IT Services company like us.

Generally, when you connect them together, they don’t function in the same way that a computer if you bought it from IT services company would. So, what that business then had to do was spend money getting us to upgrade the operating systems on these brand new computers so that we could make them effectively work for their business.

So, it’s different buying a computer for just home use and mocking around in the internet versus putting a dozen or a hundred people on the same network, with the same computers at work.

They might look the same but the operating system that goes on the home computer is completely different to the operating system that goes on the work computer. And the work computer needs to be set up in such a way that you can share files with people in other locations, and be able to share those resources.

Whereas the home computer is more about good internet browsing, giving the kids access to certain things, and restricting access to others.

How might someone look around and find the best IT services, especially in Kuwait ? What’s that process? How do you make that decision?

If someone’s looking for good IT services in regional areas, it really pays to have a talk to other businesses that you know in the area and find out who they’re using. Find out how responsive the IT services company is, do they have people on the ground that can come in to your office and spend time with you one on one, and be able to look at

some of the issues, and not necessarily always connecting remotely taking over the computer from an office and a CD somewhere.

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